New petition and petition updates

Date: 30 May 2014

Dear friends,

Song-Yuan dynasties archaeological remains have been found in a construction site at To Kwa Wan Station on the Sha Tin to Central Link, but HK government have no concrete preservation plan for now. A group of concerned citizens are petitioning the Secretary of Development Bureau Paul Chan, to protect Hong Kong's most important archaeological find in decades.

On-site conservation for Sacred Hill historical site - Petition Organiser: Sung Dynasty's historic site action group

Antiquities Advisory Board Chairman Andrew Lam calls the findings “definitely among the most important archaeological discoveries in Hong Kong in recent years”. Until now, there are no plans to converse the finds and the public have not been informed or consulted adequately. Sign and share this petition to protect HK's heritage and save the Sacred Hill's historical site. 

Recent Petition updates

Object to plans to develop and destroy Hoi Ha - Petition Organiser: Friends of Hoi Ha (FOHH)

In May, FOHH presented twice at TPB hearings, see their presentations here, here and here. At the hearings, FOHH stressed that much of Hoi Ha is not suitable for septic tanks because it is waterlogged. They also debunked EPD and AFCD’s incorrect claims that there is no existing pollution, pointing out that government monitors the water a kilometer out to sea and not closer to the beach where pollution occurs.

Strive for Sustainable Development Protect the Taipo Lo Fai Rd Green Belt - Petition Organiser: Lo Fai Road Greenbelt Concern Group

The petition has 500 signatures and is half way to its target of 1000! Let's keep it going! Please share with your friends and families to protect valuable greenbelt from housing development.

Demand HK Government to Reduce Waste at Source - Petition Organiser: Green Power, Friends of the Earth, Greeners Action, Conservancy Association

Landfill extension and Shek Kwu Chau Incinerator funding requests have just been approved by the Legco. However, the petition organisers claim these end-of-pipe treatment facilities cannot resolve Hong Kong’s solid waste problems. Let's request the government to reduce waste at source now!

Ban the Ivory Trade - Petition Organiser: Hong Kong For Elephants

Hong Kong started destroying virtually all its 29.6-ton stockpile. As a start, one tonne of the stockpile was incinerated at Tsing Yi chemical waste treatment plant. Now the petition organiser is pushing for a ban on retail sales of ivory in Hong Kong.