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Mr KS Wong, Secretary for the Environment Bureau


Strive for the Legislation of Regulating light pollution

Launched: 04 May 2017


The “Charter on External Lighting” has been established for a year, yet the number of outdoor LED displays increased instead of dropping as expected. The government should examine the effectiveness of the charter. Since the charter is not legally binding, it cannot effectively deter one from external lighting abuse, energy wastage as well as light pollution. The Environment Bureau, therefore, should commence the legislation process on regulating light pollution immediately.


Dear Mr. K. S. Wong,

There are numerous external lighting devices scattered in Hong Kong. Apart from devices that are installed for lighting purpose, neon signages (both internally or externally illuminated), lighting for facades and features, lighting outside buildings (including those for storefront), external video facilities (e.g. video walls and display panels) also exist. Complaints filed against those illuminating devices have rapidly increased within recent years.

The Environment Bureau established the “Charter on External Lighting” last April. This charter is to ask self-regulation on external lighting usage on a voluntary basis from the businesses, instead of regulation through legislation. Unfortunately, the situation had not been improved since then. Taking Causeway Bay as an example. There were several LED displays installed in the district, while some are broadcasting 24/7, result in ca using nuisances to the residents nearby. SOGO Hong Kong, as one of the participant of the charter, is installing a 6-stories tall, 40 meters wide LED display. Not only does the mid-night installation works cause nuisances, but also the light pollution and noise will acutely affect the daily life of nearby residents, as well as the pedestrians’ and drivers’ sight once installed.

The “Charter on External Lighting” is not legally binding, and cannot effectively deter one from abusing external lighting, wasting energy as well as causing light pollution. The Environment Bureau should commence the legislation process on regulating light pollution immediately.


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